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      Product center
      Maao Dongfang Industrial Park in Dinghai.Zhoushan.Zhejiang.China
      Service Commitment
      Dongfang Gas Sprayer Company uphold the "comprehensive, high quality, and rapid" service standards and customer satisfaction as the goal, with these public commitments.
      A service commitment
      1. Delivery within a week, the staff of our company will according to the customer service department contact information, tracking telephone consultation, until the customer satisfaction.
      2. All complaints about the quality of products, having been a response within one hour, depending on the circumstances and determine the measures to deal with complaints, carry out repairs and replacement.
      3. There are costs caused about product quality warranty period, shall be borne by the company.
      4. Warranty period due to improper use of your side, or our natural environment to provide maintenance free, maintenance materials and accessories used are only cost price.
      Second, the return policy commitment
      1. The returned product requirements with complete packaging of goods, accessories, manuals, warranty cards, invoices, delivery slips, returned an explanation of why.
      2. Users appear under normal use quality problems within the warranty period, please get in touch with me quickly to facilitate the users to get timely replacement.
      3. The following cases can now enjoy my company returned commitment.
      a. The product has been normal use.
      b. Damaged in an irregular situation.
      d. Compressional deformation.
      e. Normal wear of the product.
      Special Note: The photo shows the reason, can not guarantee the color of the page displays the actual color of the product and the product is exactly the same, I will try to explain.
      The final interpretation of the Pledge of Zhoushan Dongfang Gas Sprayer Co.,Ltd
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